Virtual MAYS

Chamber music (i.e., quartets, trios, duets, etc. ) is really at the heart of so many of the great composers we play in orchestra, and studying this type of playing will allow us to delve deeper into playing as an ensemble.

Playing in a chamber group will also highlight each student’s playing, as there are not as many students on each part.

In order to learn and perform the chamber music we are planning safely, we will hold virtual rehearsals with each smaller chamber group on Sundays afternoons following the MAYS season calendar. From there, students will rehearse virtually until they are ready to meet in person to run a rehearsal live, and make a live recording of their piece. When meeting in person, we do require masks, social distancing, and hand washing. Where possible, we will plan to rehearse and record outdoors as well. In addition, students will also have the option to only rehearse and record virtually if that is a preference. So, to break this plan down further, here is how we will operate:

  1. Students will be placed in small chamber groups based on skill and instrumentation. If you have friends that you’d like to be in a group with, please let us know!
  2. Students will be emailed chamber music and given a time slot on Sundays to rehearse with Mrs. Costa.
  3. After rehearsing and once prepared, students will plan a date to either record virtually or meet in person for a live rehearsal and recording of their piece. Live recordings will require everyone involved to wear masks, social distance, and bring all materials (music, instrument, and stand).
  4. In lieu of live performances, we will publish all recordings on our Youtube and Facebook page.
  5. Students opting for the virtual option should still prepare and send in an audition for the orchestra, so that we can best match groups and levels.
  6. At this time, Concertino and Intermezzo are meeting virtually.

Check out some of our previous Virtual Chamber recordings below!